19 Great DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

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19 Great DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Here are some great DIY Dog Halloween costumes we found from around the web!  Or, if you aren’t crafty, you can just buy some on Amazon for as little as $7.99! PS Be sure to check out our facebook for more cute pics of pups!

Like football? Make your dog (if they’re brown) into a football with a little tape! So easy and pretty unique!

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Pugkin Spice Late – the latest and greatest in DIY Halloween costumes for the caffeine addicted pup parent! Put those Starbucks lids to use and make a little cardboard sleeve to complete the outfit!

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With a little hair color and a Care Bear patch, your furry friend can be a show stopper!

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If you are into green living, you may want to dress your pooch as a Chia Pet! Secure some foliage around them and make little clay colored leg warmers from fabric and you’re done! We love the green DIY Dog Halloween costumes!

DIY dog halloween costume ,chia pet

If your pooch just came back from the yet (or you still have his or her cone lying around) you can create this Martini Glass DIY Dog Halloween costume!  All you need is the cone, a long doll rod, 3 foam balls (color them green with red circle accents), and some red ribbon!

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If you have a large (light weight) stuffed animal laying around or you want to pick one up – your pooch can be go as lunch this Halloween ! This works great if you take out the stuffing and make leg slots for your dog out of the stuffed animals legs (or cut leg holes in the stuffed animal). You can secure the mouth of the beast to your pet with some elastic or attach it to a harness.

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DIY Dog Halloween costumes range in difficulty, this idea is for those that know their way around a sewing machine and have a bit of time. This pet carrier team / package carrier dog costume is fabulous.  You need to make a faux-package that goes across their mid section, one dog outfit in one color that goes across their front paws and around their head. One outfit that goes across their back paws and butt. On each costume you will put fake paws in the two top spots and the back costume will also have a fake dog head.  Get your needles and thread out!

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If your pooch is white, he or she could be the next bullseye! Some red face paint and a stead hand are all that are required to make the concentric circles are his/her eye!

dog halloween costume diy, bullseye, target dog

For Star Wars fans or any geeky guys out there – this At-At costume went viral the other year.  It’s another difficult costume that (if done correctly) requires some cardboard or foam fabrication, fabric sewing, and fabric spray painting! More info on this whippet and his costume can be found on his facebook page.

DIY Dog Halloween costumes, dog halloween costume DIY, star wars, at at

If all else fails, make a mane for your pooch and turn him into a lion! Some furry fabric from the arts and crafts store sewn like a sleeve should do!

dog halloween costume DIY, lion

With a few extra stuffed dog heads your pup can be the next three headed beast from Harry Potter! Just sew onto the cape and drape over their body, done!

DIY halloween dog costume, harry potter dogs

Love taking camera phone photos of your beloved pooch? Why not dress your pooch up as an iPhone with their own photo? This can easily be recreated with cardboard and a color copy of a cute pup pic!

DIY halloween dog costume, iphone dog costume

Do you have a black dog? Well, you’re in luck! A quick streak of white and a bushy tail = a skunk! Check out this guy below!

skunk dog costume, DIY dog costumes

This is a very intricate dog costume but it is fabulous! Check out the headless horseman / dog costume!

diy headless horseman dog costume

Cesar Milan – Dog Whisperer DIY costume. Wahhhh wahhhh….  too funny!

DIY Cesar Milan dog costume

If you have some paint handy, you can turn your beloved pooch into a zebra!

dog diy halloween costume, zebra, paint

Chicken? Oh yes, the DIY dog chicken costume is a fan favorite. With Just glue some white feathers to a dog sweater and put some more feathers on a dog hat with a little red piece on the top, then a little feather piece for their tail and you’re done!

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And if you are in the military, make your little pooch into a tank!

Miley Cyrus, halloween, costume, dog, pet, pug, wrecking ball, wreckingball, funny

Or make them into a key piece of Miley Cyrus’ new music video: Wrecking Ball.


We hope you enjoyed these DIY Dog Halloween Costumes! If you have something very crafty (or very easy), contact us and let us know, we may add it to the list! Looking for more cute photos of pups, check out our facebook page!

Dog Halloween Costumes

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