Italian Greyhound Facts

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Italian Greyhound Facts

Here are some Italian Greyhound Facts.  We highly recommend anyone looking to adopt an Italian Greyhound do their research about the breed because although they are wonderful, they are not for everyone.

#1) They are the smallest of the sight hounds, they are part of the toy group

#2) They are true companions and generally want nothing more than to be by their owners. They are often called Velcro dogs.

#3) The breed tends to be more reserved around strangers and a well adjusted Italian Greyhound often requires a lot of socialization  **Very important

#4) Successful training requires consistency by the owner. Many IG’s will never learn basic commands if their owners are not consistent enough.  **Very important

#5) Height typically ranges from 12-15 inches and weight from 6 to 18 pounds

#6) They are sensitive to cold and wet weather. It is suggested to provide IG’s with cold weather gear including shirts, sweater, boots, and snoods

#7) The breed sheds little to no hair and requires minimal grooming. Many do well when adopted by people that have pet allergies.

#8) It is common for the breed to break a leg while in the puppy stage but tend to hardy up when they become adults (although they can still break a leg easily as an adult).

#9) Their chest drops between 1.5 and 2 years of age

#10) The Italian Greyhound was recognized by the AKC in 1886

#11) They are notoriously hard to potty train and have to go potty often (and often, on your furniture, floors, beds, and anything else nearby)  **Very important

#12) They have a what’s-in-it-for-me type of mindset (treats go a long way) and aren’t necessarily eager to please

#13) They will bolt and never look back if the right series of events happen. All IG’s should ALWAYS be on a leash when not in an enclosed area  **Very important

#14) They love to snuggle under covers and sleep in bed with their owners. IG’s are not a breed you can teach to stay off furniture.

#15) They have high anxiety and don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. They are like a 2 year old child and do best with families that always have someone home.  **Very important

#16) Their teeth and nails need constant care. Many IG’s will lose some or all their teeth by mid age. IG owners should implement brushing or be prepared for costing dentals and extractions

#17) They are high jumpers and have been known to clear high fences as well as jump off things like couches, beds, chairs, tables

#18) Many IG’s will suffer a leg break during their life, it is a costly surgery any IG owner should be prepared for it  **Very important

#19) When they are not sleeping they love to run and jump to get from point a to point b (often times going from sleep mode to ‘zoomies’ mode at the drop of a dime for no reason)

#20) They are a very sensitive breed, any negative experiences can leave a lasting impression.

#21) Because they are tiny, are selectively social, and like to be the center of your universe – they are not the best choice for a family pet

#22) They respond best to positive reinforcement training techniques

#23) They commonly suffer from epilepsy, leg fractures, patellar luxation, PRA, arthritis, and dental diseases.

#24) Because they are part of the sight hound group, they too are sensitive to anesthesia and barbituates.

#25) They are not a protective dog breed as they are shy with new people and often shy with of other animals including non-sight hound dogs

Italian Greyhound Facts

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