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It’s with an extremely heavy heart that I am forced to share the news of Mindy’s passing. She died on February 8th, 2011. She was so alert and such a fighter until the very end…as she always had been throughout life I suspect.

Mindy was a mill mom for the first ten or eleven years of her life. When she was no longer useful, she was going to be put down by the miller (one of MO’s “Dirty Dozen” according to a recent report). Instead, she came to me – with a jagged scar across her side, rotting teeth, a painful abscess between her toes, and a heart of gold. It wasn’t long before I knew in my heart this girl was staying! I didn’t know how much time we’d have but then we never know, do we? I just wanted her to live a good rest of her life. We were blessed to have Mindy as a part of our family forĀ another three and a half years. Sadly, last summer the vet told me that Mindy had only about a year left due to the condition of her heart.

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