Chicago Italian Greyhound Rescue

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Chicago Italian Greyhound Rescue

ROMP is a Chicago Italian Greyhound Rescue group built upon volunteers. ROMP stands for Rescue Our Mill Pups and we receive our rescues from misery-breeding puppy mills, dogs on death row at kill-shelters, and people that surrender their pooches.   Although we focus on Italian Greyhounds, we rescue a number of other dog breeds that we cannot bare to leave behind.

Chicago italian greyhound rescue

Italian Greyhounds are near and dear to our heart. If you are familiar with this breed, they are some of the most loyal and loving companions known to man. This emotionally delicate breed crumbles at puppy mills and upon being rescued, often needs social rehabilitation. Through our network of volunteer foster families, these sweet dogs that were denied a warm bed, healthy food, and a loving touch their whole lives are taught the true pleasures of being a pooch. In time they learn how to go up and down stairs, what toys and treats are, that they deserve to be snuggled up in a soft blanket at bedtime and that they will never endure another harmful human again.

illinois italian greyhound rescue

All dogs in our care have their health and temperament evaluated.  They receive vet check-up upon arrival and as necessary.   All dog coming through our Chicago Italian Greyhound Rescue are up-to-date on their vaccinations, if they are older than 6 months they are neutered/spayed, they are microchipped and if necessary they also have their teeth cleaned.  It is our goal to place our pooches with a loving family that fits their personality and temperament.

italian greyhound rescue chicago

If you are looking for a Chicago Italian Greyhound rescue to adopt from, please fill our our online adoption application.  If you are interested in fostering, you can contact us here.  We are more than a rescue, we are a post adoption resource for our forever families to ensure a long, loving life with our dogs.  We have a wealth of knowledge about the breeds we take in, especially the Italian Greyhounds, and we are your families post adoption support system if any questions ever arise!   We love picture updates and success stories too!

Adopt from a rescue, why adopt from a rescue

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  1. We are new to the Chicago area, from Colorado IGCA, and are looking for IG play dates… Can you please point us in the right direction. Warm Regards.
    Sandy K.

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