Deadly Dog Foods

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Deadly Dog Foods

Keep your pet safe by avoiding these deadly dog foods we humans regularly enjoy!

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Dogs love pineapple!

Avocado: persin is a substance in avocado that is lethal to dogs. Persin is found in the leaves, seeds, and bark of avocados.  If you happen to be growing some in your home, keep out of reach from your pooch!

Onion: the levels of thiosulfate in onions, even in small amounts, can hurt or kill your pooch. Despite the form of the onion – raw, powdered, or dehydrated – avoid at all costs. If ingested, call your vet immediately. We had a scare, when our pooch was a pup.  He got into the garbage and ate half of a raw onion, our heart sank. Our vet instructed us to induce vomiting immediately and we keep our onion discards far from reach and Winston is living a healthy life.

Garlic: Although it isn’t as deadly as onions, garlic still poses problems for your pooch. If ingested in large amounts it can lead to internal stomach issues and cause them to be anemic.

Macadamia Nuts: even if your dog just ingests 2 macadamia nuts, it can be fatal.  They cause vomiting, muscle tremors, weakness, increased body temperature and a rapid heart rate.

Grapes: they cause kidney failure and if you see your dog vomiting it may be because he found a few grapes on the floor or got into your grape bowl.  A dog that ingested grapes can become lethargic, depressed, and be repeatedly vomiting.

Chocolate: it contains theobromine and it will cause your dog to have diarrhea, become excessively thirsty and vomit.

Sweets: sugary foods and other candies are not necessarily deadly dog foods but they are not good for your pet. As they cause in humans, sugary foods can lead to dental problems, diabetes and obesity.

Fat Trimmings: If you feed your dog a raw diet or table scraps, avoid feeding them the fat trimmings on meat.  Cooked or raw fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis and should be avoided.

Fruit Seeds: If you give your dog fresh fruit (which is actually good for pooches) please avoid giving them these seeds and pits as they can be toxic or deadly: apple seeds, apricot pits, nectarine pits, plum pits, cherry pits and peach pits.

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