Dog Christmas Gifts – ROMP Rescues Favorite Things List

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Dog Christmas Gifts

This is the ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescues
Favorite Things for 2012 – get ideas for your Dog Christmas Gifts

We love our pooches at ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue and we think they deserve some amazing Dog Christmas Gifts this holiday season! Below you will find a few items we enjoyed over the year or browse some on Amazon here!

A BarkBox subscription!

It’s a box of dog goodies delivered to your pups door every month and is filled with 4-6 items (usually retail value is $40 or more).  They come in 1, 3, or 6 month subscriptions – it is as low as $19/month AND if you use coupon code ROIGBBX1 you get $10 off (plus they will donate $15 to our rescue for every code redeemed!).  Everything in this birch box for dogs is made in the USA and can include toys, treats, hygine products, and more! The best part is, your dog will LOVE it and you don’t have to leave the house, cut coupons, or read labels – everything in it is great and you are getting a good deal.

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Martingale Collar from Northwind:

We are an Italian Greyhound rescue for which reason this sight-hound collar is one of our favorite gifts!  We love the martingale leads from Northwind. Our Italian Greyhounds proudly wear the puppy size  or 5/8″ wide leads show in the link below. For only $7.50 + shipping it’s a great deal and a great stylish gift for your IG!  Thank you Pippa for showing off the martingale lead!  If you don’t have a sight-hound they have very slender necks for which reason a regular collar and lead are not used on these breeds, the martingale collar ensures they don’t easily slip out on walks!

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Star Mark Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy – Treat Dispensing Toy

Our IG loves this toy and it would be great Dog Christmas Gifts! When he gets rambunctious around the evening we put some of his other flavored food it in (not even treats) and he knocks it around until all the food comes out! We love this item because it is sturdy and you can change the size of the hole that the food comes out as well as that which the food is fed through.  Amazon has it for $16.87 + shipping.
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KONG Treat Toy

Most dogs are food driven which makes the KONG products great dog Christmas gifts! We love to put some peanut butter and a baby carrot or two inside the KONG toy and let the IG lick his way to happiness! The KONG products are relatively indestructible so they are great for the tough chewers! Petco has it for $5.99

kong dog toy

Natural Antlers to Chew on

These Deer Antler Chews are an all natural chew treat rich in healthy minerals which makes them great dog Christmas gifts. They last long and are great for teeth and gums too!  $10.99 + free shipping here but you can find it at your local stores as well.

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Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy

For those sophisticated (or funny) dogs, this might be the perfect gift! It’s a ball on one end and a mustache on the other. Play fetch and entertain your guests at the same time. For the female fur-balls out there, they come in a set of red lips too!  This site has them for $11.95 + shipping. You can check out all the funny Humunga products on Amazon here!

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Humunga Lips dog toy, funny dog toy, funny dog toys

Himalayan Dog Chew makes great Dog Christmas Gifts

This tasty treat is not only all natural but helps support the local culture from the Himalayas. $9.99 from this site.

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 A Snug Snood to Cozy up with this Winter

What’s a snood? It’s a neck piece that dogs can wear out – it can stay over their neck or go up and over their ears.  If you live in a cold climate, a snood might be the perfect gift. This site has some great snoods for sight-hounds and they start around $19.00.  For more moderate temperatures – you can get them a rain slicker or a coat!

Italian Greyhound Snood

If you have some sewing skills, you may want to give your pup a heartfelt gift by making a dog snood for him or her! Here are some DIY dog snood  instructions on what to measure, how to cut the piece of fabric, and where to sew! For more info, click here.

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Casino Interactive Dog Treat Toy Makes Great Dog Christmas Gifts

The for special smarty-pants pup in the family, we like this ‘casino game’ that gives the active dog a treats as a reward.  It helps them learn, keeps them engaged, and they are rewarded for figuring it out! Amazon has it on sale for $35. Nina Ottoson has other products that would make great  dog Christmas gifts if you are looking for interactive pieces to keep the curious pooch busy.

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Holiday Clothing – Santa Suit

This site, IG Rescue Items, is a great place to purchase IG wardrobe. They have all different types of Italian Greyhound clothing and part of your purchase goes to one of two Italian Greyhound charities, Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation or the Italian Greyhound Club of America Health Fund! This adorable IG Santa suit would be perfect for your pooch this holiday!

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 Another Friend for your Pooch

If your fur-baby is an only pup, you might want to give the gift of a friend for them this holiday season! Dogs love companionship of their humans and other pooches alike. If you are thinking about fostering a pup for your family, we would love the opportunity to place one of our rescues into your home!  It’s a great way to give a dog in need a place to stay until they find their forever home AND a great part time companion for your pooch! Contact us today to learn more! We have adoptable pets too, you can review them here: adoptable list of pets here.

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