Italian Greyhound Cold Weather Survival Guide

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Italian Greyhound Cold Weather Survival Guide

If this is your first winter with an IG – Italian Greyhound you may want to read this, our Italian Greyhound Cold Weather Survival Guide.  Most IG’s dislike the snow, cold, wind, and rain more than other breeds.  My dogs don’t want anything to do with the outdoors when it’s colder than 35 degrees out no matter how much the sun is shining!  If your pooch mastered pottying outside and the winter-chill is setting in where you live, prepare yourself and your pooch for more success during the winter with these suggestions.
Italian Greyhound Cold Weather, Dog doesnt want to go outside, dog doesnt like cold, dog hates cold
The one way to prevent a harsh winter outside for your IG – build a weather proof house for them to go potty in!  These outdoor potty shelters can be as simple or complex as you make them. With just a few nails and a four pieces of plywood, your backyard can feature a simple three sided shelter with roof to shield them from the snow, wind, and rain. Be sure to secure it safely in the ground if you are in a gusty area, nothing will deter (or injury) your pet more than an unstable shelter!  This is a tent you can buy online that can be setup for your pooch in the winter, it provides a great weather refuge when they are outside!
dog poop tent, Italian Greyhound Cold Weather
You can find this product online at

Of course, some good winter gear is necessary as well (especially for those skinny breads like the Italian Greyhounds). You can get a complete cold weather gear set including tall boots, a warm weather proof coat with attached snood, and a tummy warmer from Voyger’s K9 Apparel.  All their pooch apparel is made to fit your breed and your specific dogs measurements. They have high quality products and are a great find, especially if you have an lanky IG. You can find them online here.  They will donate a portion of the purchase to a rescue of your choice, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention you would like ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue to receive a donation from them on behalf of your purchase – it is at no additional cost to you! 🙂 Thank you in advance, love all the ROMP Rescue Iggies!
Italian Greyhound winter coat boots booties

Here is one of our adopted Italian Greyhound dogs, Pippin, enjoying a good brawl in the snow as she sports her Voyager K9 Apparel. The mounds of fluffy white snow covering the terrain doesn’t phase her a bit because she’s all bundled up!
[vimeo 18290526 w=600]

Enjoy the snow this year!

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