Italian Greyhound Puppies

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Italian Greyhound Puppies

Here are some newborn Italian Greyhound Puppies! This litter of puppies are from Chyna – an Italian Greyhound in Chicago. She had 3 girls and 2 boys in December.

3 Boy and 2 Girl Newborn Italian Greyhound Puppies: Born December 18, 2012

The Italian Greyhound puppies eyes are still closed as are their ears. When they are first born, they are wet and their mom needs to lick them clean and dry! This group didn’t hesitate to start nursing either. Way to go Chyna, you’re such a great mom!

These are not mill puppies, these are not rescues, these are puppies from a responsible breeder.

The difference between a responsible breeder and a puppy mill:

  • Responsible breeders go to great lengths to make sure the parents and the puppies are in great health (Mills use the breeding dogs to make as many dogs as possible as fast as they can (they are just a business commodity) and most often will neglect common healthcare practices, dental work, bathing, grooming, supplying healthy food, training and human affection)
  • Responsible breeders let their dogs roam free in their home and bring them outside when appropriate (Mills keep their breeding dogs in small, confined cages for the majority, if not their, entire life)
  • Responsible breeders start to socialize their puppies and give ample attention and affection to each pup to ensure they are well adjusted (Mills tend to have little to no interaction with their puppies as it is about quantity (not quality) and sell them to puppy brokers or unknowing consumers)
  • Responsible breeders love their breed and do not have various different types of dogs breeding (Most mills have a lot of breeding dogs and can offer a lot of different puppies to the puppy brokers.)
  • Responsible breeders spend time and money to make sure their dogs and pups are the best! This can include AKC show awards for the parents (not just ACK registration), behavior awards including the Canine Good Citizen Test, ample knowledge about the breed and lineage information. (Mills are a business, they invest in things that make them money – more dogs).
  • Responsible breeders would never sell their puppies to a pet store! (Puppy mills primarily sell their puppies to pet stores or brokers that in turn sell their puppies to pet stores)

If you are looking for Italian Greyhound Puppies, check out some of our adoptable pets or search PetFinder to adopt rescued Italian Greyhound puppies near you!

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  1. Are these puppies available? I am looking for a black and white or seal, blue or grey and white…would take older IG no older than 3 … Afraid of losing another dog just lost a 13 year old last month…

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