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January is national walk your dog month and what a great way to kick off the new year with your dog! Did you know that the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reported 44% of dogs are overweight? Give your pooch a smooch and make a point to take him or her for a few extra walks this month. Let’s promote good pet health!

Some things to remember about exercising your dog:

  • Daily exercise is important for dogs, not only to keep their weight in check but to keep joints and muscles healthy.
  • Healthy adult dogs can require up to two hours exercise each day
  • It is suggested Italian Greyhounds get 5+ miles of walks in each week
  • Arthritic pets can enjoy water exercises as it keeps their muscles moving without the pressure of land activity, check to see if your community offers a pet friendly indoor or outdoor pool if you have a pet with arthritis
  • If you have a pet with arthritis, it is better to walk them a little than to not walk them at all. It keeps their joints moving which will help reduce stiffness throughout the day
  • For dogs that were not regularly exercised, walking should be introduced in steps.  Always keep the dog on a leash so you can control the amount of exercise they receive  Just as people need to work up to longer workouts, dogs do too: start off slow and in time, increase the length of the walk.
  • Couch pet-atoes are at risk for heart disease, diabetes and a whole host of life shortening consequences

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We are a dog rescue organization of our Chicago focusing on rescuing Mill pups and Italian Greyhounds. If you are interested in fostering a dog or adopting a dog, browse our site and feel free to contact us today! Oh, and don’t forget to it’s walk your dog month – hooray for January!

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