Pointer Available For Adoption – Buddy

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Pointer Available For Adoption

We found Buddy, a black and white pointer mix, as a stray in the country. Despite the sad start, this guy adores people and yearns to have a family to call his very own! ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue is currently seeking a forever family or a foster family for this bundle of love.  He is of medium build, young but not a puppy, and has one requirement: must play fetch!

If you are interested in learning more about this Chicago pointer available for adoption, contact us here! If you want to foster Buddy or are inetrested in becoming a foster family for another one of our dogs, contact us here.

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Some additional information on buddy: he really has a deep desire to please his human companion and he has the brains to figure out what it is we want. You should see how he zooms around in a fit of joy when he receives praise for doing commands! When it comes to treats, you’ve never seen a dog sit so straight and calm before. All Buddy needs is a consistent family that will take him to puppy classes and give him lots of love and praise as he blossoms. Boy does Buddy love LOVE!

buddy 2

Are you going to be the lucky one to be adopted by this sweetheart?





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