Harvey – an adoptable Italian Greyhound

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An adoptable Italian Greyhound – Harvey

Harvey is an adoptable Italian Greyhound available through ROMP Italian Greyhound rescue based in Chicago. Through no fault of his own, Harvey finds himself in need of a new forever home. Help the adoptable Italian Greyhound Harvey find his forever family!

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His current human companion can no longer provide the care that he feels Harvey deserves and so with a heavy heart he writes this in hopes of findingthe  perfect family for his beloved canine companion:

italian greyhound chicago, Chicago italian greyhound, italian greyhound rescue

“Harvey is an extremely loving IG who craves a lot of affection. He is most comfortable around quiet, calm people, but loves a long rambunctious play time as well. He was once very shy around new people, but he has come to love meeting new people and being the center of attention. At the end of the day, though, give him a warm body to curl up to and he’s never been happier. Because he craves affection so much, he would do best in a home where he is not left alone for too long.

italian greyhound chicago, Chicago italian greyhound, italian greyhound rescue

He loves being in his crate when I’m away at work and feels very safe there (especially if you put a heating pad under it for added warmth), but if left alone for too long he becomes anxious and has accidents.

italian greyhound chicago, Chicago italian greyhound, italian greyhound rescue

He really needs a regular routine to feel safe and calm, so living in a household with a regular routine (of people coming and going) would be ideal. He hasn’t been around kids much and tends to be jumpy around them — I think it’s just because kids make more unexpected movements and noises.He also LOVES other dogs — the bigger the better. The only down side of this is that his energy is endless and the dogs he is playing with usually tire out before he does! Harv’s biggest need is love, and once you meet him, you’ll fall in love.”

If you are interested in the adoptable Italian Greyhound Harvey, please fill out an adoption application that you can find here: http://www.romprescue.com/adoption-application/

ROMP Rescue is a 100% Volunteer based and 100% foster home based rescue group. We are always in need of foster families, if you would like to foster Harvey or a dog similar to him, please contact us here: http://www.romprescue.com/foster-application/

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  1. Hello,
    I filled out an application for adoption regarding Harvey. I am really excited to meeting him and I am hoping I will be approved to be his new owner.
    Thank you.
    Adebayo Ogunsanya

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