BarkBox Coupon Code ROIGBBX1 valid July 2014 10% off

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BarkBox coupon code ROIGBBX1

USE BARKBOX COUPON CODE ROIGBBX1 for 10% off your BarkBox subscription, up to 37% off the already discounted 6 month price! PLUS for each coupon code used in March, ROMP Rescue will get a $15 donation from BarkBox! We have a lot more dogs we can save if you help us by treating you pups and using our coupon code! It’s a win-win with coupon code ROIGBBX1  Please note that the graphics below do not reflect the recent change in the coupon code discount.

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BarkBox provides a a box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door every month; all treats and toys are made in the USA. Each month you’ll receive high quality dog products –from toys and innovative gadgets to gourmet treats, bones, hygiene products and essentials – this is doggy heaven on earth! You can pick a barkbox with items sized for your dog: small, medium or large.   The subscription levels are 1, 3, or 6 months long and vary from $29/mo (1 month subscription) to as low as $17/mo (6 month subscription price) .  The cost of the subscription is much less than the value of the products received and you don’t even have to do any of the shopping! PLUS if you use the BarkBox Coupon Code ROIGBBX1 you will get an additional $10 off!

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Everyone loves Bark Box! The pups go crazy for the treats and toys – four paws up!

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Each box comes with 4-6 items that are, again, all made in the USA and we found that the retail value of the items are well over $40.  The brands in previous Bark Boxes include Wet noses, Zuke’s treats, Star treats, Get Naked, Aussie Naturals, Kong, etc! If you subscribed for just 1 month the cost would be $29 (if you signed up for a 6 month subscription it would only be $18/mo). A major savings from going to a store and buying goodies either way! Luckily, with our ROIGBBX1 coupon code, you get $10 off! Woo hoo, dogs across america are rejoicing!

This video shows the BarkBox coupon code ROIGBBX1 and a BarkBox review of past treats and goodies subscribers received!

Here are some BarkBox samples from months past so you can get an idea of what to expect!

Bark Box coupon code, feb, 2014
This was the February BarkBox Review, itwas amazing! You can see it came with 3 different kinds of health treats (all made in the USA) and two toys! All were premium products fit for a king.  These items totaled over $40 retail! With BarkBox coupon code ROIGBBX1 you get $10 off and $10 will be donated to ROMP Rescue too!

BarkBox coupon code, oct, feb, 2014
This BarkBox review was great! It even came with a coupon for other dog products, one of those Humunga stache dog toys, treats, and a squeaky toy!
barkbox coupon code, april, 2014, jan
This was another BarkBox review from last winter, it came with organic toys, health dog treats, grourmet goodies and left dogs all over the USA and Canada with a smile!
Barkbox review, barkbox coupon code, 2014
For the hands on dog lover, this BarkBox coupon code montly review was a fan favorite! It came with all natural oatmeal dog shampoo, premium dog treat baked goods and a wheat free puppy cake mix plus dog squeaky toys!
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This BarkBox coupon code was from last summer, it had grain free treats and three different types of dog toys (very durable and made in the USA).
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Now although we primarily rescue little dogs, we know there are a lot of big dog lovers out there! Luckily BarkBox promo code gives subscribers and option – you can request boxes with items for big dogs or items for small dogs. The product value is always about the same but the size of the treats and toys will be adjusted. Above is an example of a BarkBox promo code that came for a large dog. Notice the size of the treats and toys, perfect for the large dogs 🙂

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If you are thinking about subscribing to BarkBox, use coupon code ROIGBBX1 for an extra $10 off AND ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue will receive a $10 donation from BarkBox for each coupon code redeemed! We love donations and who doesn’t love saving money? It’s amazing that you can do both with ROIGBBX1 !

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ROMP Resuce will receive a $12,500 donation if we can reach 500 ROIGBBX1 coupon code redemptions this month. Will you help us?

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