Neater Feeder – Thank you for your donation!

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Neater Feeder – Thank you

Neater Feeder – it’s a great product for any messy dog or cat owner. In a nutshell: their loose food or water drips never reach the food, it separates the food from the water, and it’s tip proof.  It comes in 4 sizes: Cat, small, medium, large; and in two colors: bronze and cranberry.  Petco carries the Neater Feeder products, ranging in price from $34.99 to $65.99.

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The elevated design is great for older dogs as it prevents neck strain and improves digestion during consumption.  You can also find the Neater Feeders on with varying prices according to the size/color you want. Like Neater Feeder online here too!

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The verdict is in, the winners of the Neater Feeder LOVE the product! It works and has helped keep their home neat and their dogs happy!

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Thank you Neater Feeder for your dog friendly, spill proof, happy home products!

  • Revolutionary elevated feeder contains spills and messes
  • Reduces floor & wall damage
  • Reduces clean up time
  • Kick proof, skid proof design
  • Elevated feeding height is ideal for senior or arthritic pets

If the height is still too short, they have leg extensions available for the very long and lanky dogs like Greyhounds! Happy Feeding!

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