Pet Flys – Thank You!

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Pet Flys – Thank you for Donating

Pet Flys was so very generous and donated a $235 gift basket to our ROMP Italian Greyhound ‘For the Love of Dogs’ auction this past February. You can find all the Pet Flys products here and here.

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Below is Bruno, one of Terri’s Italian Greyhound pups, checking out all the Pet Flys goodies they won!

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Talk about some spoiled pooches, look at all those goodies their fur momma got for them!

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The auction gift basket donation from Pet Fly’s included:

– Canvas ‘Rescue’ Boat Tote for carrying your pooch, color: Natural with black Trim; for dogs up to 18lbs

Pet Fly's, italian greyhound tote
– Boat Tote Black star scarf (goes around the bag) (see above)
– Siberian Tiger Pillow and Blanket (goes inside to accomodate the pooch)
– Zebra Urbana Safari Pick Up Pals Toy (it’s a trendy way to carry poop bags, clings to the tote bag). Comes with 150 colorful poop bags This is a great way to carry poopbags, it clips to your airline carrier or tote and looks like a regular accessory. With the opening in the back of the Zebra is how the poopbags are dispensed! No more unsightly bags lying around in pockets or your purse!

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– Knit Knacks Scoop the Ice Cream Organic dog toy
– Perfect World Pet cotton canvas dog toy in pink floral
– 8mm Bow Wow Bindi Self adhesive crystalline rhinestone (50 pieces). Put them on yourself and your pooch! For your enlightened pet!
– Bucky Belt (winner picks size)

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– Black 5.5′ leash with O ring in soft bison leather made in the US
– A 6oz package of Zuke’s Power Bones in Tasty Chicken

PetFlys specializes in trendy pet airline carriers and totes but they also have a whole host of other trendy and stylish pet products for the spoiled pup in your life. Below are some of our favorites travel totes and snuggly sleeping products that scream fashionista!

This is another adorable pet airline carrier or just out-and-about pet tote! I love the zebra fabric, thick handle, and because it folds down completely, it’s ideal for even the ‘claustrophobic’ pooches like my dear Gizmo! A complete list of dog totes and dog airline carriers that are fashionable, edgy, and trendy can be found here!
petflys tote, pet flys tote

The Bon Ami line shown below can be found here. Because many people travel with their dogs, this design accommodates a telescoping luggage handle. You can place it atop your roller luggage when the handle is placed through the back of the tote and zip through the airport with ease! It’s airline approved, has multiple vents, is easy to clean and a favorite of ours!
petflys tote, pet flys tote
We all know Italian Greyhounds are notorious snugglers! Well, Pet Flys makes a sleepytime line – they are sleeping pockets for your pets! It’s kind of like a sleeping bag for your pooch! Our dogs love snuggling in them because they are covered, warm, and cozy! You can find this item here.
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Pet Flys makes a host of colors and patterns of their pet pockets to choose from!
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This Pet Fly item is perfect for the snuggle bug that doesn’t want to leave your side! It’s a pet pocket style bed but when you put the strap around you, you can tote your little bundle of fur around as you run errands or go on a trip! It’s great for your pooch in the car, home, and on the go! You can find this item here!


The Pet Fly products are proudly made in the USA, they use only the best materials and they take pride in their customer satisfaction  If you are an avid traveler, we highly suggest checking out their airline approved totes and carriers – you can’t find a more trendy line anywhere else! For all those chic pooches – their patterns, colors, embellishments and fine materials will please even the pickiest fashionista.

Thank you Pet Flys for your continual support of ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue and we are glad that Terri and her Italian Greyhound pack are enjoying all the Pet Fly products!

You can find more information on Pet Fly’s here or on their facebook page here or purchase them on Amazon here!

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