Electric fence vs Traditional fence: The Truth

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Electric fence vs Traditional fence: The Truth

We are often asked our opinion about an Electric fence vs Traditional fence. While some people may have been lucky and had success with electric fences or invisible fences, SO FAR, we do not recommend them for three reason.

  1. They do not keep animals from coming into your yard. This includes stray dogs and coyotes who could pose a serious danger to your beloved pet
  2. They don’t always keep your dog enclosed. A very excited or scared dog will run through the electric field and get zapped. Even if he wants to return, he will remember the zap and be fearful of returning.
  3. With dog kidnappings becoming more prevalent (very sad but very true), an open area created by an electric fence welcomes unwanted humans into your yard and leaves your dogs as easy kidnapping targets.

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Recently, a group dedicated to helping reunite lost dogs with their owners posted a story from someone who lost her dog. She had an electric fence and had this to share: “After all the days of rain, once it stopped, he came back home & we found him scared under our deck. He was hungry & thirsty but not hurt in any way. We think he just broke boundary of the underground fence & got lost in the wooded area.” Missing 05-03-2013. Reunited 05-07-2013.”

This dog was lucky to make his way home safely. But would you want to go through all those days of worry? Can you guarantee your dog will be just as lucky? PLEASE remember safety is the number one priority and it is better to be safe than sorry. All too often do we hear of dogs breaking the boundary and making in through the electric fence.

When it comes to deciding what is best for your dog, if you are thinking about an Electric fence vs Traditional fence, please err on the side of caution and enclose your beloved dog in a backyard bound by a high fence that doesn’t allow uninvited guests in and takes more than a fast paced run and lack of fear to get through.


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