Capri – Forever in our Hearts

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Capri – Forever in our Hearts

Yesterday, little Capri the Italian Greyhound (playfully known as Twinkie) crossed the rainbow bridge after fighting a hard, debilitating battle against IBD.  She is the daughter to her adopted humans John and Joanna, and her adopted Italian Greyhound fur-brother – Couper. Although she was only with us for 2 short years, she made an impression on everyone she met. Despite being petite, this Italian greyhound was quite the feisty diva. She will be forever missed and have a place in our hearts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this tough time.

capri, italian greyhound, rescue, chicago, rainbow bridge, illinois

Capri, italian greyhound, rescue, chicago, rainbow bridge

capri, italian greyhound, rescue, chicago, rainbow bridge, illinois

A Dogs Last Words: Written by ROMP Rescue in Memory of Capri

Mom and Dad, it is my time
Capri said to us that day.
I am too sick to continue on
But in peace I will leave today.

My life was great, a dogs dream
You did everything you should.
My pals said I got to have the family
That they only wish they could.

From treats to toys and clothes galore
I was spoiled rotten through and through.
I knew I was the favorite, dad
But dad, you were my favorite too.

And mom I want to thank you
for making sure that I was loved
And fighting for my life everyday
Even when push came to shove.

To Couper, my big brother
I don’t want you to feel lonely now
When you close your eyes, I will be there
Barking at you through the clouds.

To the rainbow bridge, she then said
as she closed her eyes that day
And in our heart of hearts I swear we felt
Her soul run and trot away.


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