Chicago Dog Beach Play Date

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Chicago Dog Beach Play Date – Montrose Dog Beach

We had an impromptu Chicago dog beach play date with our Chicago Italian Greyhounds the other week and wanted to share all our Italian Greyhound beach bum photos with you!  Winston was let loose in the off leash dog Beach, Montrose Beach in Chicago, and ran around race track style in the sand. It was quite a sight to see when the other dogs tried to keep up!  Gizmo was a little less impressed with the sand and freedom, he walked beside us as we entered , sniffing a few of the dogs that were nearby but not going bonkers.  As the day progressed we setup camp near the center of the dog beach area. Montrose dog beach is wonderful as it is flanked with fences on two sides, high boulders on the third and Lake Michigan out front.  When we put our towel down we headed toward the water and Winston frolicked in, splashing around just like a puppy!  As I entered, Gizmo followed and the humans went further into the lake with the pups following behind. Soon, the water was too deep for them to touch the sand and they were swimming to get to us!  Soon we headed back to the shore in fear of them tiring out or getting water in their ears as that was their first time at the lake, first time swimming, and first time at the beach.  They met big dogs, little dogs, fast dogs, slow dogs, puppies, old dogs and all sorts of dogs between! They made a lot of friends, played, got wet, dried off in the sun, and went home tired pups! We loved it so much we schedule a Chicago Dog Beach doggy play date for our Chicago dog meetup group, you should join!  Looking for info on Montrose Dog Beach:


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