Female Yorkie Puppy for Adoption – ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue

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Merryweather was a backyard breeder relinquished dog. She weighs in at about 4lbs and is abou 9-months old. If you are interested in adopting this dog that was ‘too old’ for her backyard breeder to sell, contact us! http://www.romprescue.com/adoption-application/

Rescue Our Mill Pups is a private rescue organization whose goal is to rescue as many mill dogs and puppies as possible freeing them from the mill cycle and finding loving forever homes for each one. No dog should spend its life living in a mill – especially not Italian Greyhounds who are among those who fare the worst under such conditions due to their soft, sweet dispositions and need to bond with their very own human companion. While our focus is Italian Greyhounds, you may see other breeds represented among our adoptable dogs from time to time simply because we could not leave them behind. While mill life is horrid, the dogs in those mills are not. They can be some of the sweetest, most loving dogs around. Please consider giving one a chance to live a normal, happy life. Contact us for more information or check out our website www.romprescue.com

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