Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies

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Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies

Kai’s Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies are about 3 weeks old now, wow time flies! Their eyes are starting to open and their personalities are starting to come out! Check out these cute pics of her pups showing off their adorable-ness!  We are so happy we were able to rescue her in time and her pups were born in freedom. If you want to read the whole story on Kai and her pups, check the posts below or these links on her rescue and her pups being born.  WARNING: You are entering into an extremely cute zone.

If you are interested in adopting one of her Chicago Italian Greyhound Puppies, they will be available for adoption in the fall but it’s never too early to let us know you are interested in adopting one of them! Feel free to fill out the adoption application at

The four boys are doing very well, growing more and more everyday.  Their mom, Kai, is just that – an excellent mother. They are so adorable but the transformation from helpless pups to playful boys is underway and even more amazing to see. In the upcoming weeks we plan on having a puppy play date party and we would love for you to join us! To stay up to date and in touch with our play date groups, check out our COME SIT STAY PLAY by ROMP Rescue meet up group:

We have all the photos of Kai’s rescued Italian Greyhound puppies on our website as well as on our facebook page. I hope you enjoy their little itty bitty noses, toes, finger, mouths and itsy bitsy bodies as much as we do! Check back soon for more updates on these Chicago Italian Greyhound puppies that are available for adoption!

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