Anti Puppy Mill Shirts

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Anti Puppy Mill Shirts

Our anti puppy mill shirts are a great way to let the world know your stance on puppy mills. They are big, bold, and stylish which helps attract attention where attention is needed – the cause. Remember, ADOPT – Don’t Shop because Puppy Mills Bite!  Below are a few of the designs we have, pick one or more!  Each logo comes on a vast array of products including apparel, home goods, drink wear, pet products and more!

Today (Sunday, Sept 22, 2013)  is Puppy Mill awareness day in Chicago and a peaceful march in taking place on Michigan Avenue, we will be sporting our shirts and hope you too can spread the word, especially today!

Here is the Adopt Don’t shop anti-puppy mill shirt logo, see a full list of items available for purchase via the Cafepress link below. All proceeds go back to ROMP Rescue to further the rescue of mill pups from the cycle of misery!

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This is the Puppy Mills Bite logo for the anti-puppy mill shirts and apparel items. It comes in various colors, click on the link below for a full list of variations and items.  The products are being sold on Cafepress and all profits go back to ROMP Rescue to further our rescue efforts! We are a 100% volunteer based, 100% donation based, 100% foster home based rescue group that aims to rescue, rehab and rehome otherwise ‘discarded’ pups from mills and end their cycle of misery.

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We hope you like our Anti Puppy Mill Shirts!

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