DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas

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 DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas with Pattern

This DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas tutorial complete with Iggy jammies pattern is not for those new to sewing.  It is a labor intensive piece but if you know your way around a sewing machine and find yourself with some extra time, this would be the perfect wardrobe piece to create for that special Italian Greyhound in your life. Similar pieces retail for as much as $50 (or more)!

What you’ll need for DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas:

  • A copy of the DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas pattern pieces below.  It is sized for Italian Greyhounds with a back length of 13-15 inches, if your iggy is smaller / bigger, please size it down/up accordingly.
  • Two pieces of fleece fabric (ideally two different colors that look good together). You can also use a weather proof material, heavy weighted fleece, or the like
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric pencil / way to trace along pattern onto fabric
  • Sweing pins
  • Stretch jersey material for ribbing around legs
  • Reflective material
  • Sewing machine / needle & thread

Time Commitment for DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas:

  • 120 minutes

DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas Pattern

Steps for DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas:

#1) Print out the DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas patterns and size them accordingly. If necessary, you can have them printed in piece and tape together or get them printed at a professional printing store with sheets larger than 8.5″ x 11″ (as is the size of the standard at home printer). The body image should look like that below.


#2)  Take your fabric and fold it in half. Align the pattern with the edge as show below and cut along all edges of the pattern except that which is align with the folded edge of the fabric. You’ll have 1 large piece by doing this and it will eliminate having to sew two pieces together.

#3) Your fabric, when unfolded, should look like below.

#4) This piece is for the front legs so you will need to cut out one piece with the side up for the right leg and then flip it around for the left leg (it doesn’t fit if you cut both legs out with the same shape)

#5) To add the trim around the edge of each leg, cut out a strip about 2.5 inches in width (this will end up being about 1″ worth of trim when folded over and with variance. Cut out 4 piece of the trim, one for each leg.


#6) To make the built in turtle neck / scarf / snood, use some spare scraps and determine how tall you want it to be and cut it out the same way you did the strips for the feet above (double the height you want and add a little for variance). I personally like them tall for those long necks on those cold days!


#7) Your strips of trim for the legs and neck should look like this, 4 skinny ones and 1 really thick one.

#8) Make sure you decide which side of the fabric you want to face out. Often times, fleece has a different feel on one side than the other. Make sure you are consistent with which side is facing out on all fabric pieces being use.
#9) For added safety of your Italian greyhound when in your DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas, add the reflective bands. Now, pin the reflective bands on each of the cut out leg pieces and on the legs from the body pieces. They should be pinned equidistant from the bottom of all pieces and on the side of the fabric you want facing out. 

#10) Next you want to pin the trim along the edge of each of the legs that were cut out, the 2 legs that are part of the body piece, and the neck trim that is going to act as a scarf/snood.


#11) Now sew the leg trim, reflective pieces on the legs, and the neck trim.  Remember to fold the pieces in half, fold the open edge under so it is not shows, and sew around 1cm into the fabric.  For the reflective pieces, one stick 1cm in on each edge will suffice.

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#12) Use the jersey fabric to add a ribbing like material at the ends of each of the legs as well. You’ll want to fold it over (doubling it) and fold the edges under when sewing. See images below. The width of this will vary but we suggest making it a bit thicker than the leg trim, use your judgement. You’ll want the jersey fabric taught / stretched to the max when sewing so when you let it go it will retract and tighten around the leg.
#13) Now flip the fabric over so the inside faces you. To make it look more professional, fold the edges around the stomach and back in and pin. When sewn, it will look better and be harder to tear/rip.

#14) Here’s a close up, again you want to fold in about 1cm the sew.

#15) Now we’re going to sew together the back legs. Take the edges, shown by the yellow, and pin inside out along the edge. Do this for the 2 legs that are part of the main body piece.

#16) This is what the leg should look like after it is sewn and flipped right side out.

#17) Now we’re going to add the front legs/arms. Remember to sew on the right side to the correct side. If you sew the wrong side for the right side, it will be wrinkly and crooked.


#18) This is what it should look like, close up, before sewing.

#19) Turn the piece with the right side face up, as shown below. Now pin together the leg pieces. Notice they are marked with yellow – the 2 yellow sides for each leg should be touching and you will eventually sew where the yellow markings are (as indicated below).

#20) This is a photo of the piece before it is sewn.

#21) Sew along the YELLOW lines, NOT the BLUE lines!

#22) Line up the piece as shown below. Basically, this is how it will look but it is inside out. Pin and sew along that yellow line.

#23) Now flip the DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas right side out and you’re done!
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#24) Bask in your DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas glory!!!
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#25) Have your iggy enjoy the fruits of your labor, the DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas!
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We found this great DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas piece on SquareSpace by Halat Askari! But, if this is a little too much work for you, you can always buy similar pieces already made on amazon here (they aren’t nearly as awesome nor will they fit an IG quite as well because they are not breed specific or custom, but they’re still cute and will probably get the job done)!

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