38 Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes

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38 Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes

It’s true, IG owners love their dogs and usually enjoy dressing them up so we wanted to do a special article on Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes! Because this breed is so skinny, not everything looks good on them, so here are some of the best pictures we found of Italian Greyhounds in Halloween costumes!  Have a cute photo of your Italian Greyhound in a costume? We would love to add it, email us: info@ROMPRescue.com Subject IG Costume
If you are looking to purchase a Halloween costume for your pooch, they’re as low as $7.99 on Amazon, check them out here! Or buy yourself a cool shirt to show your iggy love here!

Tessa Rae and Guilty Mouse

The bride and the groom, who said arrange marriages aren’t fun?

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It’s that magical creature, half horse – half Italian Greyhound!  Aside from her cute costume, I love this Italian Greyhounds painted nails!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep… and this Italian Greyhound joined the flock. Baaaaa!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

Who doesn’t love candy corn around Halloween? My thoughts exactly, and these outfits are so cute! Love the Italian Greyhound candy corn Halloween costumes!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

This Italian Greyhound Halloween Costume is of Batman and the one below is his sidekick, Robin! If you have two Italian Greyhounds, you can add a little detail to some of their jammies to make the outfit really easily!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013


Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

In case your iggies aren’t sweet enough, they can go as M&M candies, yum! It’s a great outfit because it’s a warm outfit for those cold Halloweens!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

The king is back and his new name is Jojo! What a great Halloween canine Elvis outfit, Italian Greyhound style 🙂

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013, mummy

This iggy is a full fledged wrapped mummy for Halloween  His bandages look fabulous! Great job!

Italian, greyhound, halloween, costume, outfit, 2013

This Italian Greyhound is a fire fighter! In his spare time he also teaches dog CPR classes (for real).

Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes

Dr Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2, Italian Greyhound Halloween Costume style! The best part is JellyBean and Flower’s hair, they look the part! Love it!

Izzy, italian greyhound, halloween, costume, costumes, scuba diver, scuba, steve, cute,

Miss Izzy is a scuba diver, fippers and all! Seriously, such a cute Italian Greyhound Halloween Costume!


Samantha is a Pilgrim!

da vinci2

Beware, there is an Italian Greyhound Shark out there… or two!

Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes

Peace, Love and Iggy Hippies for Halloween this year! Dreadlocks, glasses, a peace sign necklace and all complete Da Vinci’s amazing costume! Take me to Iggy-stock!!


Who knew that Cowboys were Italian?!


Madeleine is a flower!


Lola loves dressing up so here she is as a skeleton!


And Lola as a bumble bee!


…and the cutest Italian Greyhound banana ever!


Ohio as a witch, hat and all!


Gizmo was eaten by a fish and Grazia the Italian Greyhound went as a race horse, complete with a jockey and little hat!


Gizmo crashed the poodle Halloween party.


Ella is little miss Riding Hood!

Rob Belden (2)

And Rob’s Italian Greyhound went as a Lion, roar!

Tearsheets | Bryan Derballa

This little Iggy went as… well… a dominatrix.

Ziggy the Italian Greyhound as Pongo the Dalmatian

Staying true to his species, this little guy hopped breed and went as a Dalmatian!


If your Italian Greyhound wants to jump species, he/she can go as a buffalo like this little iggy did!

X9G-986832 - © - Harriet Paine

It’s the Italian greyhound bus Halloween dog costume!


Robin Hood always comes to the rescue of Iggies!


Okay, this is a whippet but we just love the At-at costume!!


The Italian goes Greek…


Spoiled Bratzwear makes a lot of cute Italian greyhound costumes like this Zebrah one!


There are the slow iggies, literally… this three pack of snails!


A little Hawaiian fun for this Hula Dancing Italian Greyhound for Halloween!



Or just get a little gussied up and be pretty in pink!

medieval horse, halloween, costume, italian greyhound, dog, diy,


This is Byron and Pavè as medieval horses. His mama made the outfits herself! How cute!

We hope you enjoyed these Italian Greyhound Halloween Costumes! Check out our facebook page for more cute photos of Italian Greyhounds!

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  2. Love each and everyone of them! Thanks for posting. Rarely see stuff with IG’s. Gail and Tails (Andre/IG; Amelie/IG) both rescues

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