Underwater Puppies Photoshoot

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Underwater Puppies Photoshoot

Seth Casteel had several casting calls across the country for his upcoming book and we took part in his Underwater Puppies Photoshoot in Chicago on October 11, 2013 at Stay Dog Hotel in Chicago. It was the LAST casting call and we not only took part, but we had 4 puppies that were able to get a session in with Seth. AND, one of our pups will be featured in the book that is set to launch summer 2014 (you’ll have to wait to see which pup made the cut).  Seth is a New York Times best selling book author. His first book, Underwater Dogs, is a series of dogs underwater diving, going after balls, and having a great time. To be honest, all the photos are funny because very rarely do you see dogs from that point of view where they have their lips flapping, eyes open, and hair all wild underwater.  He was a very nice person to work with, always had the dogs in mind and taught us a thing or two too!

The day started off with a swim lesson where Seth Casteel introduced our puppies to the water in a safe and controlled environment. Shortly after he taught them how to safely exit out of the pool (swim to the steps in this case). It is very important to teach your pups how to exit out of a pool if you have one in your backyard or near your home. It is not because dogs don’t know how to swim that they die in pools but because they don’t know how to exit and become exhausted from constant swimming. After the swimming lessons, he took some photos, gave the pups a break and then brought them back again about a half hour later for another repeat session.

Seth has never met a breed that could not swim, just dogs that needed to learn how to swim (and not panic).  With enough time, all dogs can not only tolerate but learn to enjoy swimming (Italian Greyhounds included).  Just as mill dogs rescues have anxiety over things that are new to them, so do most dogs, and that includes swimming in water.  By slowly introducing them to swimming, teaching them how to exit, showing them the rewards of play in the pool – it will enrich their life!  It is also important to know that the ideal temperatures for short haired breeds to swim in is 80 degrees and warmer. Long haired breeds can swim in cooler temperatures comfortably.  To ensure your pup enjoys the swimming experiences, the right water temperature is part of the process as well.

Here are some videos when the pups swam for the first time.

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