Italian Greyhound Puppy Mill Rescues

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Italian Greyhound Puppy Mill Rescues

These Italian Greyhound Puppy Mill Rescues had a long road on their way to ROMP, they went from Indiana to Missouri to Iowa then finally to Chicago (all during a horrible snow storm). But, we weren’t going to let a little bad weather stop us from saving these beautiful ladies!  Here are some photos from their transport to freedom, which included FREEDOM BURGERS! 🙂

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We couldn’t wait to get them back to Chicago because… they would get their first baths in freedom! No more smelly iggies! Just be glad this isn’t smell-o-vision.  This group of ladies, despite being mill mamas, are quite friendly. They have some learning to do which includes stairs, beds, toys, treats, potty training and basic commands BUT most get a wiggly butt when they see a human (man or woman).  The ladies were officially bathed, had much needed nail trims, were given a pre-vet inspection (all will need expensive dentals), and then photographed!

We would like to note all 7 took a bath together. Despite probably never being in a bath tub, they stood there quietly while the water filled, were suds-ed up, were rinsed and as one by one they were removed from the tub to dry off. It was amazing!

Rub a dub dub, 7 smelly Italian Greyhound Puppy Mill Rescues in the tub!

We do need foster homes and/or adoptive homes for these iggies! If you are interested, we would love to hear from you:

You can see which of the 7 sisters are still available for adoption here!

We named them Candy Cane Clare, Suzy Snowflake, Miss L Toe, Jingle Bella, Francine Frost, Holly Berry, and Kristy Kringle!

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