Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound – the differences

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Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound – the differences

If you have a Greyhound and want to get an Italian greyhound, please review this Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound article talking about the big differences because they are not the same!  An Italian Greyhound is NOT a miniature greyhound, they may look similar but they are much different and require a different type of commitment.  They only thing they share is body style, everything else about living with and making a lifelong commitment to an Italian Greyhound when compared to a greyhound is much different.  We implore anyone interested in adopting or fostering an Italian Greyhound (even if they owned a greyhound or whippet before) to do their research! Italian Greyhounds are a challenge but for those that can get past some of the inconveniences they come with, they give so much back!

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SIZE Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Italian Greyhounds are smaller (obviously). They usually weigh in around 10-15lbs.  A greyhound is much larger and sometimes tipping the scale at 100+ lbs.

TRAINING Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds learn the basics quick as they are eager to please, Italian Greyhounds require a lot of consistency. Iggies are a what’s-in-it-for-them type of breed, better have your treats ready (always).

POTTY TRAINING Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds will gladly hold it until you get home from work and take them out and let you know when they need to go. If an Italian Greyhound has to go potty they will probably just potty on the floor, couch, bed, your dry cleaning you had hanging off your kitchen chair or on whatever else is nearby.  If you are lucky, you will potty train your IG but that still means that if you take too long to put your shoes on they may have went potty on your rug.  Most IG’s are never 100% potty trained, ever.  Love your carpet? You won’t love an IG but a Greyhound will be a good fit. (Potty training is a common reason why IG’s are surrendered to rescue)

SLEEPING Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds roach when they sleep.  Greyhounds can stay off furniture, in their own bed, or on the floor.  Italian greyhounds snuggle in bed with you and under the covers.  If you think you can keep them off the bed and off the furniture we wish you luck!

ENERGY Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds enjoy lounging most of the day and generally are very relaxed when they move around, when an Italian Greyhound isn’t lounging they are running around. Italian Greyhounds will, for no reason, go from lounge mode to running around mode whereas Greyhounds, if comfortable, prefer not to move.  It’s like a dog with ADD.

TIME Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds do well when left for long periods of time by themselves whereas Italian Greyhounds do not, IG’s usually have extreme separation anxiety (and will also leave tons of ‘presents’ for you to find when you get home).  (Not enough time to spend with their IG is another common reason why people surrendered their iggy)

FRIENDS Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds can have a prey-drive in the presence of other dogs and small creatures, this includes trying to catch and kill a small dog like an Italian Greyhound. Some IG’s have a prey-drive but not toward other pups, we typically hear chickens, squirrels, or birds.  Greyhounds have to be prey-drive tested prior to bringing a small animal into their home, especially an Italian Greyhound. Furthermore, greyhounds (that do not have a prey-drive) like all dog breeds but Italian Greyhounds usually just recognize and take a greater liking to other sight-hounds.

WEATHER Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds will go out in rain, shine, snow, or sleet.  Italian Greyhounds may throw a fit and put the brakes on if they even think you are taking them out and it’s wet and/or cold, and then they’ll go potty inside so you won’t have to take them out anymore.

JUMPING Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound: Greyhounds prefer to stay in the lounge mode, jumping is a chore. Italian Greyhounds will leap and bound off couches, chairs, beds, onto the counters and over fences/gates.  This type of behavior lends Italian Greyhounds to frequently breaking legs and thus needing expensive surgery.

You can say a greyhound is like having a glass of wine with dinner every night and an Italian greyhound is like taking two shots of tequila (every night).  You’ll have fun when you take the two shots of tequila (if you can keep them down and don’t get sick) but to some people that kind of lifestyle is a bit too much and they would rather have the glass of wine where you always know what to expect and you’re in control.

So I’m sure you’re now thinking – why would anyone want an Italian Greyhound after reading the Italian Greyhound vs Greyhound differences? An Italian Greyhound is not for everyone but perfect for a very special breed of human.  This type of human loves affection, they enjoy having a little furry four pawed shadow follow them around all day (everyday), they don’t fret over potty accidents, have a lot of consistency when training their iggy, have funds for medical emergencies including leg breaks, spend a lot of time at home and/or take their pup with them to work most days (or have a dog walker/pet sitter stop by frequently), love having their own personal bed warmer, don’t mind a dog with high and low energy (much like an ADD child) and enjoy having a small pup they can pick up (among other things)!

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