Shopping for Italian Greyhounds

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Shopping for Italian Greyhounds

When Shopping for Italian Greyhounds, we highly recommend these IG breed specific companies for your coat, jammies, boots, collars, harnesses, martingales, costumes, shirts, bellybands, snoods and other needs!  Make sure the items you buy fit that sighthound body with a big chest, skinny waists, skinny necks and long legs – these companies all have extensive IG experience and we love their products!

Cappi’s Jammies and Accessories
Iggy Collars
K9 Belly Bands (please select ROMP Rescue as your rescue of choice so we get a donation for your order)
Northwind Catalog (5/8″ martingale lead is our favorite for our IG’s and under $10)
Trendy Hounds
Rebel Wag
Reversible Harness Vests By Linda
Shadedmoon’s Secret Stash
Shaka Dog Hawaii
Spoiled Bratzwear
Tails Me About It
Voyagers K9 Apparel (please mention ROMP Rescue in your order comments as they give us a donation for each referral)

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You can check out our website to see our pups in pieces from these companies:

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