Chicago Puppies Need Foster Homes

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Chicago Puppies Need Foster Homes

Chicago puppies need foster homes, will you open your heart and home to care for a few four legged furry friends for a few weeks? If you answered yes, we would love to hear from you!

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Although we are primarily an Italian Greyhound rescue group, we save and rescue dogs from all walks of life.  Over the last few months we took in 5 pregnant females and had over 25 puppies come through ROMP!  So 25 Chicago Puppies Need Foster Homes!  Two mothers came pregnant from puppy mills, two were found very pregnant and stray and another was surrendered when she was already very pregnant.

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We would love to find foster homes for the puppies currently in our care as well as the puppies we may have in the near future. Typically speaking, the puppies stay with their mother until they are weaned and after that point would be ready for a foster home.  The foster home would be responsible for making sure the puppies were safe and out  of harms way at all times, working with them on potty training and basic commands, and helping socialize them as they grow up.  Most puppies find their forever families within a month or two of being weaned from their mother and if you so choose, you could adopt them as well – as we give our foster homes first priority in adoption.  It is important to note our foster families do not pay for any of the medical needs of our rescues, we cover all the costs associated with the puppy in that capacity – the foster families just need to provide lots of love!

If you have any questions or want to help out, let us know or complete an adoption application if you want to help us help the puppies

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