Gluten Free Dog Cookie Recipe

Gluten Free Dog Cookie Recipe This is how to make an organic gluten free dog cookie for your fur babies. What you’ll need: – 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour – 4oz jar of organic baby food (we used banana, you can use whatever flavor your dog likes most that does not have […]

DIY Dog Valentine’s Day treats, toys and gifts

DIY Dog Valentine’s Day treats, toys and gifts Here are some DIY Dog Valentine’s Day treats, toys and gifts to show your pet how much you love them! Dress them up, show them off to your friends, fill up their bellies, tucker them up with play time and let them have somewhere extra special to sleep! […]

DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds

DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds This DIY Martingale Collar tutorial for Italian Greyhounds (or other breeds) is relatively easy if you have a sewing machine handy!  This type of collar is great for Italian Greyhounds as they tighten up to ensure your pup can’t slip out and run away when s/he starts to pull on […]

DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas

 DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas with Pattern This DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas tutorial complete with Iggy jammies pattern is not for those new to sewing.  It is a labor intensive piece but if you know your way around a sewing machine and find yourself with some extra time, this would be the perfect wardrobe piece to […]

DIY Dog Bed out of a Dresser

DIY Dog Bed out of a Dresser from Roeshel of There is a very popular DIY diva named Roeshel that is also an Italian Greyhound lover and she put together this cute DIY Dog Bed out of a dresser so her iggy doesn’t have to lay on the hot concrete this summer! We just […]

DIY Dog Tuxedo Shirt

DIY Dog Tuxedo Shirt The DIY dog tuxedo shirt is very popular, the design is flattering to a greyhound, they stay put and easy to take on/off (plus they are super cute).  If your pup is in the wedding, formal event or just dapper – this is a great DIY project to make him adorable! […]

DIY Dog Jingle Collar

DIY Dog Jingle Collar These whimsical, jester-like DIY dog jingle collar takes 15 minutes of machine-sewing and 45 minutes of hand-stitching to get the jingle bells on. Just the kind of thing you can work on while riding in the car or watching TV. Materials Needed: 1/2 yard of polar fleece or other thick / […]

Easy DIY Dog Boots

EASY DIY DOG BOOTS It’s cold out and your dog doesn’t need to suffer – make him or her some easy DIY dog boots to protect their feet! There are a lot of reasons to protect your dogs feet including slippery ice, harmful salt that hurts their paws, the cold elements like wind and snow, […]

Funny Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog

Funny Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog For those pet loves our there, here are some funny Christmas Card ideas for your Dog! For the festive fur-family – a funny holiday card is the perfect way to remind your family and friends that pets are family too and yours is the cutest! Here are some […]

DIY Dog Clothes

DIY Dog Clothes Here are a few DIY Dog Clothes projects! Not interested in making it yourself? Check out these pre-made items that will save your a lot of time! DIY Dog Snood: a DIY Dog Clothes Project You will need: 1)    Fabric (polar fleece works well) 2)    Scissors 3)    Sewing needle and […]