Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies

Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies Kai’s Rescued Italian Greyhound Puppies are about 3 weeks old now, wow time flies! Their eyes are starting to open and their personalities are starting to come out! Check out these cute pics of her pups showing off their adorable-ness!  We are so happy we were able to rescue her in […]

Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet Up

Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up: Sand, Surf, Sun and Smiles Beach Pup Play Date (Montrose Beach in Chicago-IL) We had a Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up at Montrose Dog beach this past weekend, check out the pics of our pups having fun in the sun, sand and surf! If you have a dog in the Chicago […]

Chicago Italian Greyhound Puppies are Born

Chicago Italian Greyhound Puppies We rescued a 9 year old female Italian Greyhound named Kai about 6 weeks ago from a mill and she had a surprise for us – Kai just gave birth to Chicago Italian Greyhound Puppies! We are very excited to welcome to the free world her four little baby boys born […]