DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds

DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds This DIY Martingale Collar tutorial for Italian Greyhounds (or other breeds) is relatively easy if you have a sewing machine handy!  This type of collar is great for Italian Greyhounds as they tighten up to ensure your pup can’t slip out and run away when s/he starts to pull on […]

DIY Dog Jingle Collar

DIY Dog Jingle Collar These whimsical, jester-like DIY dog jingle collar takes 15 minutes of machine-sewing and 45 minutes of hand-stitching to get the jingle bells on. Just the kind of thing you can work on while riding in the car or watching TV. Materials Needed: 1/2 yard of polar fleece or other thick / […]