Celebrities with Italian Greyhounds

Celebrities with Italian Greyhounds Star spotting alert, we found these celebrities with Italian greyhounds! We ‘regular folk’ love them and it’s good to know these celebrities do too! Want to see more cute pictures of Italian Greyhounds? Like us on Facebook! Matt Damon posed with 7 Italian Greyhounds for a photo op.  It is safe […]

Liza Shannon McClure – Life Long Italian Greyhound Rescuer – Forever Remembered

Liza Shannon McClure – Greeted last Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge by packs of Pooches Our condolences go out to Liza Shannon McClure’s family as she passed away last Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee.  She was a passionate animal rescue advocate that directly and indirectly saved thousands of dogs over the years, and […]