Italian Greyhound Belly Bands – Pawlicity

Italian Greyhound Belly Bands – Pawlicity Pawlicity donated 2 Italian Greyhound Belly Bands to our auction! Thank you! These are a must for male dogs that go potty in the house, have accidents, dogs/puppies that are going through potty training, or older dogs that unknowingly leak a little!  Simply wrap a PuppyBellyBand around your dog’s […]

Italian Greyhound Dog Marking Solution

Italian Greyhound Dog Marking Solution Italian Greyhounds are very hard to house break and we wanted to give you an Italian Greyhound Dog Marking solution.  All dogs have their challenges; some bark, some dig, some shed – Italian Greyhounds are difficult to potty training. If after you’ve exhausted all your potty training techniques your Italian Greyhound […]