Lost Italian Greyhound – Boots – Riverside, FL

Lost Italian Greyhound – Boots – Riverside, FL Boots went missing in Riverside, FL on Sunday, she is a 10 year old, tan, female Italian Greyhound weighing about 10lbs. She is wearing a collar and tags, is spayed and microchipped, and despite wishful thinking she has yet to be found. Boots is a naturally shy […]

Liza Shannon McClure – Life Long Italian Greyhound Rescuer – Forever Remembered

Liza Shannon McClure – Greeted last Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge by packs of Pooches Our condolences go out to Liza Shannon McClure’s family as she passed away last Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee. ¬†She was a passionate animal rescue advocate that directly and indirectly saved thousands of dogs over the years, and […]