Shopping for Italian Greyhounds

Shopping for Italian Greyhounds When Shopping for Italian Greyhounds, we highly recommend these IG breed specific companies for your coat, jammies, boots, collars, harnesses, martingales, costumes, shirts, bellybands, snoods and other needs!  Make sure the items you buy fit that sighthound body with a big chest, skinny waists, skinny necks and long legs – these companies […]

Shadedmoons Secret Stash

Shadedmoons Secret Stash If you’re looking for great Italian Greyhound martingale collars, harnesses, leashes, or Italian Greyhound clothing – you must check out Shadedmoons Secret Stash. You can find them on Etsy here.  They were kind enough to donate one of these cool collars with matching leash or martingale leash (winner’s choice) to our auction […]