Celebrities with Italian Greyhounds

Celebrities with Italian Greyhounds Star spotting alert, we found these celebrities with Italian greyhounds! We ‘regular folk’ love them and it’s good to know these celebrities do too! Want to see more cute pictures of Italian Greyhounds? Like us on Facebook! Matt Damon posed with 7 Italian Greyhounds for a photo op.  It is safe […]

Italian Greyhound Shoes by Alain Quilici for David Koma

Italian Greyhound Shoes by Alain Quilici for David Koma I imagine myself living in a posh pad in NYC and walking my Italian Greyhound on a crisp October evening wearing these Italian Greyhound shoes by Alain Quilici for David Koma.  A few things would need to change to make that happen, #1) I would have to […]