DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds

DIY Martingale Collar for Italian Greyhounds This DIY Martingale Collar tutorial for Italian Greyhounds (or other breeds) is relatively easy if you have a sewing machine handy!  This type of collar is great for Italian Greyhounds as they tighten up to ensure your pup can’t slip out and run away when s/he starts to pull on […]

DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas

 DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas with Pattern This DIY Italian Greyhound Pajamas tutorial complete with Iggy jammies pattern is not for those new to sewing.  It is a labor intensive piece but if you know your way around a sewing machine and find yourself with some extra time, this would be the perfect wardrobe piece to […]

DIY Dog Tuxedo Shirt

DIY Dog Tuxedo Shirt The DIY dog tuxedo shirt is very popular, the design is flattering to a greyhound, they stay put and easy to take on/off (plus they are super cute).  If your pup is in the wedding, formal event or just dapper – this is a great DIY project to make him adorable! […]

DIY Dog Jingle Collar

DIY Dog Jingle Collar These whimsical, jester-like DIY dog jingle collar takes 15 minutes of machine-sewing and 45 minutes of hand-stitching to get the jingle bells on. Just the kind of thing you can work on while riding in the car or watching TV. Materials Needed: 1/2 yard of polar fleece or other thick / […]

Easy DIY Dog Boots

EASY DIY DOG BOOTS It’s cold out and your dog doesn’t need to suffer – make him or her some easy DIY dog boots to protect their feet! There are a lot of reasons to protect your dogs feet including slippery ice, harmful salt that hurts their paws, the cold elements like wind and snow, […]