DIY Dog Clothes

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DIY Dog Clothes

Here are a few DIY Dog Clothes projects! Not interested in making it yourself? Check out these pre-made items that will save your a lot of time!

DIY Dog Snood: a DIY Dog Clothes Project

You will need:
1)    Fabric (polar fleece works well)
2)    Scissors
3)    Sewing needle and thread (or sewing machine)

Time: 15min

1) Measure the three lengths as indicated by the image ( (1)around the mouth by the eyes, (2) from the eyes down the back of the neck to the base of the neck, (3) the circumference at the base of the neck)
2) Cut out a piece of fabric with those dimension (as show in the image below) with a 1/2 inch tolerance on each side.
3) Sew the edges of fabric together as indicated in the image below
4) Flip inside out and you’re done, you’ve completed the DIY dog clothes project #1!
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DIY Dog Coat: a DIY Dog Clothes Project

Dog coats should be snug and keep your pooch at the perfect temp which is why it’s best to make your own dog a coat! These instructions are for a double layered, water resistant coat. You can do it with a single layer which eliminates the quilting steps and many sewing steps so adjust as necessary.

DIY Dog coat, diy dog clothes

You will need:
1)    Computer, printer, paper
2)    Scissors
3)    Sewing needle and polyester or invisible thread (and sewing machine)
4)    Fabrics (one for the top – a coated linen in preferred as it is water-resistant and one for the underside -fleece preferred for warmth)
5)    trim / bias tape
6)    Tape
7)    Needles or safety pins for securing fabric before sewing
8)     12 inches of Velcro (possibly longer – according to step 1 if needed)
9)     Temporary Spray Adhesive
10)   Dissapearing ink fabric pen (pencil may work as well)
11)    Pattern can be obtained here: DIY Dog coat- top patternDIY Dog coat – underside patternDIY Dog coat – strap and collar pattern Current size is for a dog 13 inches in length from neck to tail

Time: >1 hour

1)     Measure your dog from heat to tail. Divide the number by 13 (the original pattern length). The number you came up with is how much to enlarge the pattern.
2)    Cut out all pieces (top pattern in one fabric, bottom pattern in another) according to enlarged pattern. You should cut out linen in the top pattern, fleece in the bottom patter, and both the fleece and the linen for the strap and collar piece.
3)    Place the linen with the shiny side down on a flat surface in a well ventilated area. Spray it with temporary spray adhesive made for fabric.
4)    Place the linen (sticky side down) on the fleece body piece.
5)    Working from the center out, smooth the fabric to remove any ripples or creases
6)    Repeat steps 3-5 for the belly strap and collar
7)   With a ruler and a disappearing ink fabric pen (or pencil – it will wash out), mark diagonal parallel lines 3 inches apart on the body piece.
8)    Sew along the lines in the same direction to prevent fabric puckering
9)    Draw lines perpendicular to the first set of lines 3 inches apart and sew along those in one direction
10)  Repeat 7-9 with the belly strap and collar pieces
11)   Add the trip to all pieces
12)  Cut a 12 inch Velcro hook fastener piece into 2 x 3.5 inch pieces and 2 x 2.5 inch pieces.
Cut a 13 inch strip of Velcro loop fastener piece into 2 x 2.5 inch pieces and 2 x 4 inch pieces
13)   Attach the strips according to the pattern
14)  Cut a piece of 1/2 inch wide bias tape / trim to go around the outer curve of the collar, pin in place then sew. Remove pins
15)   Pin the collar (shiny side up) to the shiny side of the coat. Stitch 1/4 inch from the edge. Remove pins
16)   Cut a piece of 1/2 inch wide bias tape / trim to go around the edge of the body piece (1 inch longer than needed). Beginning at the tip of the neck flaps, pin in place and fold under 1/2 inch leaving 1/2 inch overlapping. Stitch in place then remove the pins.
17)   Cut a piece of 1/2 inch wide bias tape / trim to go around the belly strap (1 inch longer than needed). Pin in place, fold under 1/2 inch, leave 1/2 inch over lapping. Stitch then remove pins.
18)   Sew belly-strap to body piece per the pattern and you’re done! You’ve completed the DIY dog clothes project #2
**You can add a layer between the outer and inner layer for additional warmth or place a lining fabric on the other side of the fleece.
** You can eliminate the collar if you want to make it easier
** You can make the strap part of the fabric plan and thus eliminating another sewing step

DIY Dog coat, diy dog clothes

Above is the inside of the jacket and below is the outside of the DIY dog jacket.

DIY Dog coat, diy dog clothes

Thanks to Kiwi and owner for their pics!

This is an example without the collar and where they included the strap into the pattern from the beginning , thanks RicochetAndAway.

DIY Dog coat, diy dog clothes


DIY Dog Sweater

This DIY Dog sweater is great for tiny or small dogs as it uses your old socks!

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You will need:
1)    Nice sock with a great pattern or color (for bigger dogs you can use a sweater sleeve)
2)   Scissors

Time: 10 min

1)     Cut the tip of the sock off
2)     Take the sock tip you cut off, cut a slip by the pucker of the sock through the sock. This become a hat
3)     Take the remainder of the sock, cut off the tight ankle portion (see picture)
4)    Take the remaining sock and cut a slip in both sides of the sock near where your heel would go (this is where the dog legs go)
5)    Place on your pooch, roll down the excess for a nice turtleneck look, you’ve completed the DIY dog clothes project #3

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If you opt for the DIY dog sweater from your sweater or shirt, see the image below to get an idea of how to cut.

DIY Dog Sweater, recycle your own clothes

ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue is a rescue looking for donations! If you are crafty and want to donate any snoods, coats, sweaters or otherwise – do not hesitate. We also hold auctions as fundraisers and can use your goods to help raise money and rescue more pups! If you are interested, please contact us here.

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