DIY Dog Projects

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DIY Dog Projects

If you love your pets and you love crafts, you should check out these DIY dog projects to spoil and pamper your pooch! These three DIY dog projects are easy and your dog will love them – both are no-sew! Scissors and knots make it happen!

DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog projects: A no-sew DIY dog bed

You will need:
1)      Scissors
2)      2 squares of t-shirt or polar fleece fabric. For the bed in the photo, 3 ft x 3 ft of fabric
3)      Needles or safety pins to pin the faburic together
4)      1 elastic band
5)      Stuffing
6)      A pencil to trace the fabric

Time: 40min

1)      Fold both squares of fabric in 4. Pin the fabric so that it stays in place.
2)      Take one of the folded square fabric and using your pencil trace a rounded shape. Like so :

3)      Cut the fabric using the guideline you just traced.
4)      Take the other folded piece of fabric and place the piece of fabric you just cut exactly on top. Trace the bottom square of fabric in a rounded circle and cut.
5)      Unfold both squares of fabric.  Once flat, place both equally cut circles on top of one another and pin the fabric together.
6)      Cut fringes all around the circles (cutting both pieces at the same time) – try to make them all equal.  Fringes should be approximately 1/2 inch by 2.5 inches.
7)      Unpin the fabric. Take one of the circles – fold it in four to find the middle of the circle. Take your elastic and wrap it around at about 2.5 inches of the center.
8)      Place that circle (elastic facing up) and put the other circle on top. Start tying both circles together by knotting the fringes together. Leave approximately 10 undone and start stuffing the bed. Here you can use the pillow stuffing and or old clothing you no longer wear.
9)      Once  stuffed to your liking, tie the rest of the fringe and VOILA !

A fabulous and comfortable DIY dog bed made without any sewing!

diy dog bed, no sew dog bed, DIY Dog Projects

Thank you to Luigi & Me for this fabulous project


DIY Water-bottle Crinkle Dog Toy

DIY Dog projects: Save your money (and your water bottles) by creating a crinkle dog toy for your pooch! Similar products are between $5-15 at the pet store!

You will need:
1)    Old sweater or sock
2)    Empty water bottle (remove the label, cap, and ring)
3)    Scissors

Time: 30min


1)    Place the water bottle inside the arm of the sweater (or sock)
2)    Cut the arm of the sweater arm so there is enough fabric on each end (cut the tip of the sock off)
3)    Tie a knot at each end of the sweater (or sock) so it hugs the bottle tightly
4)    Cut strips on each end of the knots
5) If your dog likes to chew – tie knots on the strips so they have something else to chew on

DIY Water bottle crinkle dog toy, diy dog toy, dog toy diy, DIY Dog Projects

Thanks for this easy DIY dog toy project!


DIY Interactive Tennis Ball Dog Toy

DIY Dog projects

You will need:
1)      Scissors or sharp knife
2)      Tennis Ball

Time: 10min

1)      Cut either a cross or along part of the ‘s’ in the tennis ball
2)      Put treats in and let your dog play with it!

interactive Tennis ball dog toy


Step 1 is to cut the tennis ball. This is one version of it and see below as an example of how it will dispense treats.


interactive Tennis ball dog toy, tennis ball dog toy, cheap dog toy, diy dog toy


The image below is the cross or x cut for the DIY dog treat dispenser.

DIY dog treat dispenser, DIY tennis ball treat, DIY tennis ball dog toy, diy dog toy

Thanks for this great (inexpensive) dog toy instructables!


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