Free $5 Reward from Petco

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Free $5 Reward from Petco

Treat your pooch with a free $5 Reward from Petco this holiday season! As long as you have Facebook and you have a Petco membership, they will add a $5 reward to your account just for playing their Facebook Pals Reward Push game. No, you do not need to be good at it to get the $5, no you cannot get more than 1 reward for playing multiple times and no you cannot get more than $5 if you get a high score.

Once logged into Facebook, click this link to be brought to their game / app.   It is also accessible from their Petco main Facebook page, look under their Facebook picture and click on the Petco Pals Rewards box for the link there.

It is only for a limited time so play before they take it away and enjoy $5 off your next purchase (or any amount) from Petco!

UPDATE: As of Dec 24, 2012 this is no longer being offered

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