Funny Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog

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Funny Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog

For those pet loves our there, here are some funny Christmas Card ideas for your Dog! For the festive fur-family – a funny holiday card is the perfect way to remind your family and friends that pets are family too and yours is the cutest!

Here are some holiday cards you can get off Amazon with dog pictures and here are some blank cards you can insert your photos into as well!

Dog Christmas Card Sayings / Dog holiday card sayings:

  • Seasons Grrrrrreetings
  • Have a Pawsitively Happy Holiday
  • Layoffs at the North Pole, Santa’s Hiring Temps (dog with antlers)
  • The temp agency sent me. (dog in reindeer antlers)
  • Newest Recruits for Rudolph’s Team! (<—great for Italian Greyhound families / dog packs in antlers)
  • Reindeer Tracker (dog sniffing)
  • Feliz Naughty-Dog
  • Dashing Through the Snow
  • Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  • Ho, Ho, Ho it’s Santa Paws!
  • I believe in Santa Paws!
  • I hear Santa Paws!
  • Dear Santa, Define “Naughty”  -[insert pets name]
  • Don’t get any ideas fat guy, I’m not pulling that sleigh
  • Have a warm and fuzzy holiday!
  • Happy Howlidays
  • Have a Doggone Merry Christmas!
  • Bark the Herald, Angels Sing! (dog(s) barking)
  • Does this hat make my nose look big?
  • [insert pet’s name] wanted to paws and wish you a happy holiday!
  • This is my happy face (pooch in holiday clothing looking kinda miserable – great for pugs with their wrinkly faces)
  • I can’t believe they are making me wear this elfin thing! (dog in elf costume)
  • I’ll do anything for a cookie!
  • No, I said light the yule LOG! (dog wrapped in Christmas lights)
  • May your days be merry and bright! (dog wrapped in Christmas lights)
  • Oh Joy. (miserable looking dog wearing something festive)
  • I’ll say this… if this doesn’t get me an awesome holiday gift, nothing will! (dog in a ridiculous costume)
  • Silent Night, Howwwwly night; dogs are calm, birds are alright…
  • Dear Santa, For Christmas please bring me squeaky toys and treats, NO CLOTHES. (picture of dog in a crazy holiday costume or outrageous clothing)
  • Dear Santa, Iz be good, but on Christmas I eatz yer kookies. Sorry.
  • Unleash the Holiday Cheer! (or ‘unleashing’)
  • These three wise dogs bring gifts of gold, frankincense… and fur!
  • While visions of sugar pugs danced in their heads… (picture of your pug sleeping)
  • Irish you a Merry Christmas (for an Irish setter)
  • Bull Humbug (for bulldogs)
  • Rudolph the red nosed retriever! (Golden Retrievers)
  • Fleas Navidad (Great for Chihuahua’s)
  • Daschund through the snow (for Dauschund’s… obviously)
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christmas card sayings dogs

For cute pictures of your pooch in a Santa hat, use the “Does this hat make my nose look big” caption and call it a day! A special thanks to our Italian Greyhound Gizmo for posing so we can show you most of these Funny Christmas Card ideas for your dog!

Odds are you have a million photos of your pooch. Put them to good use and use a witty tag line to create a quick holiday e-card to send to the family!  If your picture is high quality, have it turned into an actual card and send it via snail mail!  If you don’t have a lot of pictures, I’m sure your doggy will give you lots of great poses and material to work with.  Suggestions: put him/her in a festive costume and give them some festive props to play with!  Make sure to have your camera on hand and start snapping away. Aren’t sure what props to use? What about colored tissue paper? Hide treats under a wrapped gift so they look like they are peaking at the presents early, wrap a treat in tissue paper and have them quickly un wrap it and use a holiday tag line. (I’ve even put cheese in a Christmas tree to make it look like our fur baby was being sneaky in the picture).  At the end of these tag lines or inside the card you can use a common line like, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years from the [family]
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A little hat an red nose turned this Italian Greyhound into Rudolph for a funny holiday pet card. Grrrrreetings to you and yours this holiday season! Love, Gizmo! Granted, our IG does not  have a red nose, we photoshopped one on along with a little Santa hat.

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A little photoshop fun brought Buddy the Elf, his girlfriend, Fur-Santa and Mrs-Fur-Clause together this Christmas! Love the pooches holiday costumes!  For more information on this piece: the dogs were photographed together in the same frame along with the tree. The background of the images was removed.  Our heads were photoshopped into the elf costumes which were edited into the frame.
Funny holiday pet christmas cards, Reindeer tracker, dog sniffing
Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog: use a picture of your pet sniffing in your holiday card. When paired with the ‘Reindeer tracker’ caption it’s pur-fect!
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This quick picture was snapped during the first snow and turned into an e-card for our friends. It’s one of many Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog (but not necessarily funny)
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If you are looking for Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog, there’s nothing like a good old Santa Spoof card! This cute Doggy Christmas Card saying paired with a picture of your pooch as Santa will do the trick! It’s Santa Paws! Scroll down for more Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog!
Doggy christmas card ,dog holiday card, pet holiday card sayings
If all else fails and you are thinking about Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog, take your pooch to your local pet-store and get his/her/their picture taken with Santa! This dog holiday card saying is perfect for it, “Have a Pawsatively Happy Holiday.”  Most places put the proceeds towards a rescue so you’ll be giving back as well!
Funny holiday dog card saying, dog reindeer holiday card, santas hiring temps, layoffs at the north pole, dog in antlers, dog as reindeer,
Put some antlers on your pooch and use this tagline, “Layoffs at the North Pole, Santa’s hiring Temps.” I think it is one of the more funny Christmas card ideas for you dog!
Funny dog christmas card sayings, Funny pet christmas card sayings
What a great Christmas Card saying for your pet with an innocent look on their face! Funny Christmas card ideas for your dog are limitless. Check back frequently, we will be adding more!
Dog christmas card, holiday christmas card, dog christmas card, italian greyhound christmas, christmas italian greyhound
Funny Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog: Don’t get any ideas, fat guy! I’m not pulling that sleigh!

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pet holiday card

For your fuzzy furball or fur-baby curled up in a blanket, you can use the ‘Wishing you a warm and fuzzy holiday’ tag line!

Dog holiday card, xmas dog card

Dog holiday card

If you can wrap your dog up in Christmas lights and get him to sit for you, this is a great Christmas card saying to use: May your days be merry and bright!

Santa Paws, Dog holiday card, xmas pet card, dog xmas card, funny holiday card dog, funny christmas card dog


A lot of people are against dressing dogs up (especially if they don’t have a small dog that needs to wear clothes to stay warm in the winter). If your friends or family fall into this category (or it is obvious your dog hates wearing clothes), this type of saying might be great for your doggy Christmas card!

Then, for those creative and graphic design savvy pet owners, you can always paste your pooches head on a persons body for a funny card! Check out Gizmo this year with some mistletoe!

Dog Mistletoe Christmas card

That wraps up our Christmas Card Ideas for your Dog but check back frequently as we will update the photos and sayings when we think of something else!

We are ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue: an Chicagoland Italian Greyhound Rescue focusing on Rescuing Our Mill Pups. Give the gift of forever for a pooch this holiday season! Check out our adoptable pets here and others through PetFinder.  ADOPT don’t shop! Shopping for pooches supports the horrific conditions the puppies parents are subjected to their whole lives!
Italian Greyhound Rescue Adoption Campaign, ROMP Resuce

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