Italian Greyhound Dog Marking Solution

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Italian Greyhound Dog Marking Solution

Italian Greyhounds are very hard to house break and we wanted to give you an Italian Greyhound Dog Marking solution.  All dogs have their challenges; some bark, some dig, some shed – Italian Greyhounds are difficult to potty training. If after you’ve exhausted all your potty training techniques your Italian Greyhound still isn’t fully potty trained, don’t let your dog outsmart you and potty in the house, there is help! Your furniture, carpet and walls will thank you; you will save a lot of time and frustration because you won’t need to clean up their urine; and even more important, the homes of friends and relatives that you bring your dog to will thank you!

Two words: Belly Band. You can find a vast array of belly bands on Amazon here! This one is only $9.00!

A belly band is a simple concept, it is a piece of thick fabric that goes over their belly, is fastened together with Velcro and covers your dogs penis (they make them with a diaper shape for girl dogs). Thus, preventing them from urinating on anything!  Some describe it as a doggy diaper but because it is shaped like a band, the term has evolved to belly bands (for boy dogs).  One thing is certain, your stubborn Italian Greyhound will no longer leave marks in your home.  They have two different types, water proof (made of waterproof fabric) and non-water proof (made of a think, absorbing fabric like flannelette).  For the water proof variety, you want to purchase an absorption product to go inside it such as a feminine pad, incontinence pad, or a pad made specifically for the belly band.

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You don’t want your dog to wear the belly band at all times, it is meant to be used as an aid and a dog marking solution.  When you can keep an eye on them or they are going outside, be sure to take it off.  If you are potty training your dog, it can be used as to stop them from eliminating in your home until they are potty training graduates. 

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Aside from using it for a dog that is going through potty training or one that can’t figure out potty training, it works great with older dogs that unknowingly dribble urine. Another easy Italian Greyhound Dog Marking solution for an otherwise, great senior pet!

Bandiboo Trio 5sm


The purpose of the product is to catch and absorb the urine, they get washed when they are soiled so it’s best to have more than one on hand. They come in all shapes, sizes, and a plethora of fabric patterns.  A great fitting belly band will not require elastic and it will stay in place well, it is a great Italian Greyhound dog marking solution.

If you have a girl dog and she is still going through potty training, can’t figure out potty training, or she is in heat – there is a similar product to help you!  Sometimes they call it a girl dogs’ belly band, other times they call it a female dog diaper (because it looks more like a diaper) but it covers all their necessary parts and aids in keeping your home sanitary.

Italian Greyhound Diaper

Belly bands start at $5 and go up depending on the type, thickness, fabric, pattern, size of your dog.  This site sells belly bands in all different sizes and have great pricing.

Belly bands are also an easy DIY projects. In the near future we will do a DIY belly band tutorial for those interested. Check back later!

5 thoughts on “Italian Greyhound Dog Marking Solution

  1. After almost a year of trying other solutions, two weeks ago I started using belly bands on 2 of my 3 boys. All are rescues of various breeds. Barney is an IG-mix and the problem I still have is the belly band seems to twist or slip so that when he pees it isn’t always caught by the pad. I snug it up on him as much as I dare. Any ideas?

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