Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet Up

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Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up: Sand, Surf, Sun and Smiles Beach Pup Play Date (Montrose Beach in Chicago-IL)

We had a Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up at Montrose Dog beach this past weekend, check out the pics of our pups having fun in the sun, sand and surf! If you have a dog in the Chicago or Chicagoland / suburbs area we would love to meet you at our next Chicago dog play date, join to stay in touch with our meetups!

Monrtose dog beach is great because it is large, has a lot of lake front and beach area, is surrounded by fences and boulders to help make it a safe place for pups and everyone we meet there (people and canines) are always so friendly!  The pups love to run around, lay in the sun, meet other pups and get tuckered out! When we got home, our two pups were snoozing for the rest of the day! What a great end to a fabulously beautiful weekend in Chicago!

Some things to remember when going to the dog beach or at a Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up:

  • do not bring food (human or dog) as it will make you a magnet for all the dogs on the beach and disrupt your otherwise drama free day
  • bring clean water for your dog to drink and a bowl to put it in (especially if you plan on staying for a long period of time)
  • if your dog can’t swim (especially for breeds like Frenchies) bring a doggy life jacket. If you pup has a tenancy of running off to investigate other people/dogs/things on the beachbe sure to keep the life jacket on them at all times
  • if you are bringing your belongings, bring a plastic bag to put them in so in the event a dog pees on it, it will not ruin your things (like purses, a change of clothes, etc)
  • clean up after your pet
  • watch your dog, you are responsible for everything s/he does and where s/he goes

Do you have another cool place in the Chicago area you take your dog? We would love to hear from you and possibly hold a Chicago Italian Greyhound Meet up there! Feel free to let us know on our facebook page!

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