Italian Greyhound Mix Adoption Success

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Italian Greyhound Mix Adoption Success – Daisy and Sweetie found their forever home

We are happy to bring to you this Italian Greyhound Mix adoption day success for Daisy and Sweetie!  Melanie, Michael and their human family welcomed Maggie (formerly known as Sweetie) and Daisy as part of their pack yesterday! Another happy beginning, we are so excited the sister pups get to grow old together and that they are settling into their new family well! The Rigg’s did a blog post about their new family members too:

Italian Greyhound Mix Adoption

Congrats to all, we are happy you are part of the ROMP family and hope to see everyone at a play date soon!

Here is a cute pic of Maggie (formerly known as Sweetie) and Daisy curled up in their laps after the adoption!

Italian Greyhound Mix Adoption, Chicago Italian greyhound mix adoption rescue

Are you looking for a way to complete your family too? Are you looking for a rescue that supports its adopters throughout the life of their pet, answering any and all questions along the way, holding socializing and exercising events, and that being of assistance anyway possible? Well, ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue is all that and more! Check out our adoptable rescues and stay in touch with us on our facebook page or join us at a doggy play date!

Here’s a cute dog adoption poem: Buddy

I know I’m scared and nervous and shy
You might just want to walk on by
But please look again, please talk to me
And see the boy I’d like to be

I’ve never had a life of fun
I’ve never had the chance to run
To chase my ball till I’m all puffed out
To learn that people don’t always shout

I might not wag my tail at you
But look in my eyes, look closer too
There’s life in them, and hope and joy
And I’d love to be your special boy

Author: Fionna Duncan

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