Walk with our rescue in a Parade!

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Walk with our Rescue in a Parade!

Everyone loves a parade including the pups at ROMP Rescue and we are inviting you to walk with our rescue in the parade! This year ROMP Rescue will be walking in the Schaumburg September-fest Labor Day Parade over the holiday weekend and we want to invite you to walk with us! We need people and pups! People without pups to carry our banner, pass out candy, pass out dog goody bags to those in the crowd with dogs, pass out flyers, and people with pups to walk their well behaved, calm and submissive dogs with our ROMP Rescue pack!

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DATE: Monday, September 2nd, 2013

TIME: call time is 8:30am (one of us will be there starting at 8:30 in accordance with the parade rules), but to you -> please be there by 9:40 as the parade starts at 10am and we want to make sure you find us and the pups all get acquainted!

LOCATION: Wise Road, between Roselle and Plum Grove Roads, position 45. Keep in mind Wise Road will close between Roselle and Plum Grove Roads at 9 am; 9:30 am for parade traffic. Summit Drive closes at 8 am on Monday. The parade moves south to north on Summit Dr. from Wise Rd. to Stock Port Ln.

• If you have any candy or goodies to pass out to the crowd, please let us know and bring it! • The course is 2 miles, you and your pup should be able to walk the course

• If you have a wagon or stroller you want to bring to pull/push your pup, feel free to do so

• Bring a disposable water bottle for yourself and your pup before the parade (no one wants to carry a water bottle for 2 miles). One of us will have a big bowl and water to let all the pups drink out of at the end of the parade.

• Please RSVP via email (info@ROMPRescue.com) if you plan on attending and leave a comment noting how many humans and how many dogs will be in attendance (the number should include you). The theme is sports so if you have any sports hats/clothing/etc for yourself and your pup feel free to wear it! I am going to try and make ‘ROMP Rescue’ types of running bibs for everyone coming so we fit the theme and to make us look and unified and for branding purposes But… no promises as I don’t know if I have enough time to get it done.

More info on the parade can be found here: http://www.ci.schaumburg.il.us/HFun/September/Pages/Parade.aspx


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