3 Italian Greyhound Adoptions yesterday

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3 Italian Greyhound Adoptions yesterday

We are excited to announced that we had 3 successful Italian Greyhound adoptions yesterday!

The infamous Miss Catdog (the surrendered 14 y/o senior) found her forever family. They live in Indiana and her new human parents are Lisa and Tim and she has two fur siblings (Leeloo and Thor, both greyhounds).  She is going to be very spoiled and be smothered with attention, we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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Sharpie, one of Kai’s puppies (Kai was a mill rescue), found his forever family.  He now has an Italian Greyhound mix sister, two human siblings and two loving parents that are going to spoil him rotten.  To date he has more new toys, collars, leashes, and outfits than an Iggy will ever need!  We send our love to them and expect a lot of updates!

Italian greyhound adoptions

To round out our home visits on Sunday, ‘little boy blue’ aka Sam, found his forever family as well. Rachel and Angelo are excited for him to join the family and his new fur brother, Neils, also an iggy, is going to be his older brother.   His new name is Salvador so they can have a scientist and an artist in the family 😉  We can’t wait to see them and their fur family at our next play date!

Chicago Italian greyhound adoptions

To all those we met with this weekend, we are excited you opened your heart and home to your new family member AND most importantly, opted to ADOPT!  We look forward to updates, photos, videos, and staying in touch over the years!

Like us on Facebook to learn more about our rescues: http://www.facebook.com/ROMPItalianGreyhoundRescue and if you are interested in adopting and Italian Greyhound, check out our adoption tab in the navigation bar for a list of available pups!

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