Don’t Give a Pet as a Gift this Holiday Season

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Don’t Give a Pet as a Gift this Holiday Season

This is our plea to not give a pet as a gift this holiday season!  All too often dogs get returned, dropped at shelters, dumped on the street or dumped on someone else because the person that got the dog no longer wants him or her. Reasons vary but include people becoming allergic to the dogs, families having babies, people moving into the home that don’t like the dog, dogs that are not potty trained, puppies that go through teething and chew up things in the home, families that have to move, and more.  It is a life time commitment when you get a furry family member, and pets are family and family is forever. Please, do not take your commitment lightly – realize that you need to be there for this voiceless creature through all the ups and downs in their life just as they are there for you.

Pets are forever! And forever does not mean ‘as long as it’s convenient for you.’ So don’t give a pet as a gift, they can’t be returned or exchanged like toys, clothes, or jewelry!

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More pets end up in shelters during the holidays because people get them as gifts and don’t want them, AND people that previously got a dog decided it is too much work and they didn’t want him/her anymore.  We recommend that you don’t Give a Pet as a Gift, but if your family, friend, significant other, etc wants a pet as a gift this holiday season – at least make it a decision they have input on. Although the movies make it look perfect, the surprise dog with a bow is not the way to go.  Arrange for a home visit with the potential dog, involve everyone in the home on the decision, make sure everyone understands what getting a dog means (messes in the home, time and consistence to train them, financial requirements, etc).  It’s better to do it when things are less chaiotic, after the holidays – when you have time for vetting, training, and lots of one on one attention without holiday distractions/parties/family members/etc.

Regardless of when you get a pet, we hope you choose the adoption option. The support rescues provide makes the journey of a pet owner that much easier as you will always have people there for support and guidance.

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