Holly’s Puppies Joined her at the Rainbow Bridge

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Holly’s Puppies Joined her at the Rainbow Bridge

We have bittersweet news to report about Holly’s pups, Holly and her babies are all reunited at the rainbow bridge. The last of her pups succumbed to the infection they got from their mother on Saturday, one week after their birth. I would’ve posted earlier but I just needed a couple of days to grieve and bring myself to share the sad news.

Rest assured, we did everything we could have possibly done for this little IG family – nearly daily trips to the vet, sub Q fluids, colostrum supplements, antibiotics… The vet told me the die was probably cast long before Holly arrived in Chicago.

We want to personally thank everyone who offered their support through this time. Jennifer ran out to get as many supplies as she could think of to help get the puppies through and set up the Amazon wish list. Heather offered big daily doses of moral support and put herself on-call to offer respite if needed. So many of you have sent messages and prayers. The monetary donations and supplies were so absolutely humbling. To think so many people out there loved a little dog and her puppies having never met them! This community definitely pulled together to help in amazing ways.

The monetary donations have been used to offset the veterinary expenses accumulated for this little family. If you sent supplies via Amazon, please let us know if you would like us to try to get refunds for you. If not, we promise to put the items to good use.

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In order to feed the pups on schedule, they came with me to work. This photos depicts the joy and wonder that the last two little babies inspired in my co-workers who had never seen let alone held such a young puppy. My co-workers have stressful jobs and they said they felt better after their visit with the pups. I think the pups were able to accomplish a few good deeds even in their short time on earth.

I am imagining Holly and her babies frolicking in green grass and showering each other with kisses…


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