Italian Greyhounds for adoption – Ceph & Azula

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Italian Greyhounds for adoption – Ceph & Azula

Ceph & Azula are litter mate Italian Greyhounds for adoption that lived their whole lives together. They were surrendered by their owner, though no fault of their own. Ceph is the brother, he has alopecia (a hair loss condition) but it doesn’t effect him aside from a little missing hair. Azula is the sister, she is sweet as pie. Both pups are very friendly, love people, are litter box trained and know their basic commands. They LOVE treats and food, may swipe a cupcake if it’s within sight but will sit so still during treat time. Azula is a jumper, she will hop on furniture and tables with ease. They are so affectionate, they would be suited for a family that can give them the love and attention they deserve and with a high fence and a big backyard. They were very well cared for and loved, will you provide them a forever home to enjoy their sweet personalities and be enlightened by their darling personalities for the rest of their lives?

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We took them to a holiday event at our vet and they were quite a hit! Literally, they tried to convert the golden retriever rescue volunteers to iggy rescue volunteers!







Here are their lazy Sunday looks!




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