Experienced Chicago Dog Foster homes Needed

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Experienced Chicago Dog Foster homes Needed

Experienced Chicago Dog Foster homes Needed in the Chicago area for our puppy mill survivors.  Fostering a puppy mill survivor is a very rewarding experience as the dogs we rescue are essentially blank slates. Although they are adults, they were kept solely for breeding and lived in a cage their whole life.  This means they have no pet experience and things that a typical dog learns as a puppy, they need to learn: using stairs, what walls are, the concept of a mirror, getting on and off furniture, what toys are and what you do with them, what good food tastes like, how to walk on a leash, what beds and blankets are, etc.  http://www.romprescue.com/foster-application/

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A foster home to a puppy mill survivor will help them as they transition from a puppy mill to a beloved pet.  Working with them on human trust, teaching them what home life is all about, and starting to teach them the basics on potty training, crate training, and basic commands can be expected.  As a foster family you get to experience many firsts and will get non-stop smiles of joy as you see them transform into a pet. Each day is a victory as they learn more, trust more, and come out of their shell even more. They always seem to teach you something about yourself, are a friend for your pups, and just sweet souls to join you in your life.

Here is a video with some clips of Jingle Bella’s road from Puppy Mill to Rescue to Foster home and all the successes she had with her foster family.  There is a lot of love behind each dog we save and many volunteers behind the scenes that make their success possible.

If you are interested in opening your heart and home to a puppy mill survivor while we look for the perfect forever family for them, we would love to hear from you! Experienced Chicago Dog Foster homes apply here: http://www.romprescue.com/foster-application/

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